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Indian Missions abroad are the right place to acquire your Visa to India. You may seek student visa to India, employment visa to India, transit visa to India, or an entry visa to India, from these Indian missions abroad. The Embassies of India, High Commissions of India, and the Consulate Generals of India, will be happy to help you get a Visa to India.

VISA FEES and processing tim

USD 40 for six months.
Processing time is 2 working days.
Payment to be made by Draft.


Visa for India is a must unless you are a national of neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

  • For a Visitor�s Visa you should apply at the diplomatic missions in your own country of residence or nearest Mission en route.
  • If your passport is valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India you should accompany visa applications along with it.
  • You will have a specified space to paste one photo and do not forget to staple another on to the form (comes in handy while comparing).
  • And in case you are applying for visa from a country you are not a national of (foreigner), you need to submit proof of long term permanent residence in the country, which is at least three years, from where you are applying.
  • If you are a citizen of another country, then a reference of your country of residence is needed for which there is a additional fee and it would require extra time for processing.
Documents required:

A letter from your sponsoring organization mentioning the nature of business, probable
duration of stay with itinerary.
A guarantee to meet all expenses incurred during your stay.

Following documents are required to be submitted for visa:
  • Duly filled application form/ Download Visa application Form a) Visa application form should filled in legibly and clearly, in bold (capital) letters in black/blue ink only. Incomplete and illegible applications may not be processed.
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