SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

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This course is designed for software architects who wish to understand what services and service-oriented architectures are and what best practices and design patterns to use in designing SOA-based applications.

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This course presents a strong perspective on services as an essential and important part of enterprise systems as well as how to identify, design, and develop complex services using sound analysis and design techniques and best programming practices.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the business impact of SOAC
  • Relate the history of services-oriented architecture and what design processes led up to SOA
  • Discuss the challenges to adopting SOA in the enterprise
  • Apply the concepts and principles of SOA to on-going and future projects
  • Recognize the various web service standards available to support SOA
  • Explain how Enterprise Application Integration affects the reuse of existing applications
  • Relate what SOA means from architectural and development perspectives
  • Discuss business process analysis and its relation to BPEL
  • Differentiate between OO analysis and design and SOA analysis and design
  • List the various roles involved in Service-oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD)
  • Perform SOA Analysis to identify useful and manageable services
  • Perform SOA Design to craft architectures that support the required data communicationdynamics for identified services
  • Explain the importance of business process modeling
  • Differentiate between RPC’s and REST as a means of requesting resources
  • List the advantages of web services as a distributed systems technology
  • Explain governance and how it applies to SOA and IT in general
  • Compare SOA best practices
  • Recognize the responsibilities crucial to governance
  • Explain what an Enterprise Service Bus is and its relationship to SOA
  • Discuss ESB security and roles
  • Describe the relationship between the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO)
  • Explain web services and their standards
  • Summarize the Web Services Description Language and Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI)

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