Product Miracle has, since its inception, embraced product development. The dedicated team, which brings, together decades of experience, places great emphasis on meeting the demands of global companies that wish to outsource their product development. With a strong 'Go to Market' strategy our clients are assured of a quality product delivered within a 'time to market' plan. Unlike software application development, product development involves a lot of ground work to define the product vision, consider product sustainability and ensure business success. A product development initiative must guarantee quality and work towards a specific release date. We understand where priorities lie. We will build a product road map jointly with our client, then work to develop the product within the target budget and to deliver on time. Our clients can be sure of speed, quality and cost savings. What we guarantee: From the outset our core product development team will work with the client's visualization team. While the client can focus on strategic initiatives, we will focus on production, any problems areas, or feature enhancement of an existing product, following stages through to ensure the implementation process passes smoothly and successfully. We guarantee Assured Return on Investment Faster development cycle Increased development productivity Low development costs Reduced time to market Quality software products List Of Product:- Magic Click Consult SAFE POS (Retail Petrol pump) Floor mill Solutions CMS (Content Management Server) Smart Card Solutions

What we offer:    
Diverse skills sets Proven Expertise New Markets
Rapid prototyping Tested frameworks, tools Client recognition
Individual R&D teams Solution competencies A rigorous development process More Demand
IP protection and security

Complete visibility and predictability on progress Improved functions and utilities
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