OpenGL Training in Noida

Course Structure for Visualization Techniques (OpenGL)

Unit-I : (Duration - 3 hour)

Points and vectors, coordinate system, rectangular coordinates, vector algebra (coordinate free), cylindrical coordinates.

Introduction to OpenGL

Unit-II : Transformation in 2D and 3D (Duration : 5 hours)

Transformation of points, scaling, reclection, shear, rotations, sequential transformations, tranformation of lines, homogeneous coordinate system, combined operations, coordinate system transformation.

Date Structure for computer graphics

Unit-III : 3-D Viewing (Duration: 5 hours)

Viewing pipeline, projection, viewing plane, view reference coordinates, direction of projections, clipping planes, normalizing transformation, transformation concatenation, Clipping

Unit-IV : Hidden Lines and Surfaces (Duration : 6 hours)

Hidden lines and surfaces removal, visibility by depth comparisons,
Visibility techniques : Painter's algorithm, Back-to-Front sorting, floating Horizon algorithm, visibility surface ray tracing, Z-Buffer algorithms

Unit-V : Color and Light (Duration : 6 Hours)

RGB, CMY, HSV color models, Lighting models, Surface normal, vertex normal, reflection vector, shading

Unit-VI : Curves (Duration 10 Hours)

Algebraic and geometrix form, fitting data with functions, curve interpolation, lagrange polynomail, parametric cubic, cubic spline.

Bezier Curves

Curve Evaluation, blending function, composite Bezier curves, Bezier interpolation, rational Bezier curves

B-Spline Curves

Knot vector, blending function, periodic/non-periodic B-Spline, Rational/non-rational B-Spline, uniform/non-uniform B-Spline.

Assignments :
There will be total 7 Assignment for the course, student need to complete every assignment before starting next unit. Unit-IV contains 2 assignment.

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