Off Shore Development

Offshore Development Services Our services address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, or communications and Internet technology product development, and also engineering product design and data management. Radix, as an offshore software development company, offers programming, design, and consulting services to a wide range of industries and business areas. Working with you continuously, we are able to execute a project from a mere concept to the final, polished solution.
Our highest quality services are driven by the customer's comfort, cost benefits, schedule and budget targets, and confidentiality and security issues. Those distinguish our company from thousands of others.
We offer software development services in the area of system development, Internet / intranet, networking, complete development of packaged business applications.

We offer services in the following areas
  • Device drivers for Windows & Linux
  • Drivers for broadband multimedia, audio and video applications
  • Integrating device drivers into the operating system according to a given interface, e.g. DirectX, DirectShow, NDIS, TAPI, CAPI, USBDI
  • USB application development for Windows & Linux
  • USB device drivers for Windows & Linux
  • Encryption technologies
  • File Systems like CIFS, NFS iSCSI, FC/IP
  • Volume management, Replication
  • File Access Protocols
  • Middleware – kernel, system databases, CLI, interface layers
  • Configuration Management
  • Smart card applications
  • Porting of Application & Device Driver for 64 Bit
  • Network performance management and monitoring
  • Statistics gathering and report generation
  • Security management involving access control, identifying sensitive network resources, monitoring of user access and authorization
  • System-level Windows applications and function libraries
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