iPhone Training in Noida (Delhi NCR)

Our iOS training also provides an overview of Objective-C and memory management, including basic data types and object creation. Miracle instructors cover its main function, NSString Literal and NSLog, primitive data types, foundation classes, object creation and messaging, alloc/init and factory methods. Students also will explore NSString & NSMutable String, collections (arrays, dictionaries, sets and literals), wrappers (NSNumber) and JSON.

Objective-C custom classes also are covered, including header files, import and the @class directive, inheritance and NSObject, method declarations and definition, implementation files, and self and super. Miracle iOS training instructors include automatic reference counting (ARC), properties, overriding NSObject Methods, and access control.

Students then move into an exploration of iOS basics, beginning with the architecture of an App (the Main Run Loop) and creating a project. Along the way, they learn UIApplication and the app delegate, UIKit framework (views and controls), story boards and scenes, build actions, debugging and profiling, and frameworks.

Apple’s brand new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c combined to sell more than 9 million units through their first weekend of availability alone. The company’s freshly updated iOS 7software was also downloaded to more than 200 million devices during its first few days of availability.

The firm determines market share by measuring traffic across its massive global network, and it found that traffic from iOS devices declined slightly from 54.91% in August to 53.65% in September.

Meanwhile, top iOS rival Android saw its share of the global mobile market grow from 28.12% in August to 29.43% last month. BlackBerry inched down from 3.28% to 3.26% during the same timeframe, and Symbian somehow saw the largest gains as its share climbed to 4.48% in September from 3.26% in August.

resource:- http://bgr.com/2013/10/01/ios-market-share-september-2013/

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AF001 Android Training 2.5 Months
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