Embedded System, ARM & Linux Device Driver Training in Noida (Delhi NCR)

Today almost every device or equipment which we can think of are designed and developed using embedded system. All latest gadgets like smart phones, GPS devices, televisions, car, bikes, DVD, digital cameras, video games, microwave oven, fax machines etc. work on embedded technology. The use of this technology is becoming more and more pervasive, touching almost every aspect of our life. The increased application number for embedded has created great demand of engineers having extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing embedded systems. Thus, professionals looking to get enroll in this training program can join Miracle India.

Join Miracle India for a Better Career in Embedded

Miracle India is a premium and best embedded system training institute in Noida that offers top class training in the embedded system. The training course is designed with the objective to enhance skills of the software engineers who wish to scale new height of success in this ever growing field. We, at Miracle India, provide students with practical lessons and techniques that are required to design, implement, integrate and test software that are used for advanced embedded systems. Our training courses will render complete knowledge to the candidates and will make them capable to come up with multi-objective and multi-discipline embedded systems

Code Subject Duration Content Level
EF001 A. Embedded C, C++, DS, OS     B.
Linux Kernel Programming C. Linux Device Driver
5.5 Months
EF002 C, C++ And Data Structures 2 Months
Prerequisites for Embedded Training

A series of hands-on exercises provides experience creating Java applications. Through an ongoing case study, you design and build an intricate desktop application modeled on a well-known Web site. Exercises include:

  • Developing an object-oriented model with UML notation
  • Creating Java objects and calling their methods
  • Structuring data with the Java collections API
  • Creating portable GUIs with Swing components
  • Adding event handling to GUIs
  • Retrieving data from a relational database with JDBC

Code Subject Duration Content Level
ET001 Embedded C and Socket Programming 45 Days/6 Weeks
ET002 Embedded C and Linux Internals 45 Days/6 Weeks
ET003 Embedded C and MicroController Inter 8051 45 Days/6 Weeks
ET004 Embedded C 1.0 Month
ET005 C And C++ 45 Days
Objectives of the Embedded Training Course

Miracle India offers a comprehensive embedded training program having a well-integrated approach that allows students to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in the field of embedded systems. Our training courses are designed with the objective to enhance technical and behavioral skills of the candidates making them readily accepted by the industry. Efficient mentor and training faculty of our institute work towards sharpening the creative skills of the candidates making them innovative and impetus. The other course objectives of our training program include:

  • Elucidate the basics of embedded system
  • Make candidates proficient in writing an embedded system program
  • Proffer sound knowledge on designing of real time and embedded systems
  • Knowledge of designing, testing and running embedded system

Code Subject Duration Content Level
EP001 Linux Kernel Programming + Linux Device driver 2.5 Months
EP002 Android Kernel Programming 2.5 Months
Career Prospects

Candidates after successfully completing the training program get placed in the following sectors:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Product Development
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications

There is not only diverse domain where the professionals can get placed but there is also diverse career options in which a professional can foray into. Some of the career options for embedded professionals include:

  • Embedded Systems Developer
  • ASIC Designer
  • Hardware Designer
  • Developing industrial automation Solutions
  • Customized Device Drivers

Thus, embedded systems offers plethora of opportunities to candidates and they can focus on this sector for a successful and bright career.

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